TechMeetups presents #TechStartupJobs Fair Paris 2013 - La Cantina
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World’s biggest TechStartupJobs Fair is coming to Paris!


TechStartupJobs runs a successful job board for startups within Techmeetups’ 20 global tech communities crossing 8000+ active members. 


TechStartupJobs Fair has been setup to help Startups find the talent they are looking for and for talent to find their way into the hottest Startups around.


What makes this the biggest Tech Startup Job Fair?

After launching successfully in London in 2011, TechStartupJobs Fair has now been planned for 9 cities in 2013. The cities to be covered are:

Feb 2013 - London

April 2013 - Berlin

May 2013 - Paris

June 2013 - Malmo

Aug 2013 - Sydney

Sep 2013 - Barcelona

Oct 2013 - London

Oct 2013 - Singapore

Nov 2013 - New York

Dec 2013 - San Francisco


With over 2000 attendees and a 100 startups presenting we expect over 500 jobs to be filled through TechStartupJobs Fair in the first year alone !


This May the TechStartupJobs team is heading to the exciting startup scene in Paris and helping startups find the best talent there.



Who should attend ?


●     Job Seekers- whether you’ve already worked in a startup or want to find out more about the exciting opportunities on offer in this scene, the TechStartupJobs Fair is the best way to connect with potential employers.


●     Startups - whether you are looking for bright young graduates, seasoned pros or part-time interns, you’ll gain access to hundreds if the most creative, innovative and driven job seekers in your city and around the world.


Who will you meet?

Developers, Designers, Marketers, Community Managers, Product Managers, Technical Salespeople, Business Developers and of course some of the smartest Startups around.

Why take part?

Since TechMeetups reached 21 communities this month, it will be perfect time for  8,000+ members to talk about working in startups. TechMeetups will be also running global challenges, Hackathons and competitions to rank potential candidates so you, the employer, can filter through the very best applications.


          Previous TechStartupJobs Fair in London …


●    250+ job seekers

●     26+ Startups

●     100+ Jobs

●     3 months publicity

●     4 hours job fair

●     500 beers

●     400 packs of crisps

●     256 Oreos 





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