Startup & want to get into the big league? Think PR! Paris 2013
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Début : 21-03-2013 Fin : 21-03-2013
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**Live stream from London**


What does PR mean to your Startup ? Is it getting into TechCrunch or Hacker News ? Or perhaps a friendly tweet from one of the Silicon Valley Gurus? Or perhaps being able to announce your entry into 500 Startups? Actually for a Startup that isn’t ready with a loyal band of users PR can work against you!! We're bringing together pioneering marketing and PR experts to give you practical advice and lessons they have learned in the trade.  Not only will you learn from their presentations, but they'll also be on hand to help you with specific questions and dilemmas you may be facing during a "5 minute clinics session" at the end of the Masterclass.Great communications can have a powerful effect on your business. But what is PR, how do you make it work for you, and how can you use it to drive sales? This session will cover:· What PR is (the ins and outs of the PR world)· Why PR is vital to the success of your brand· Where PR fits as part of the communications mix (including how PR differs from advertising)


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