Tour de Fromage - Exploring the exceptional cheeses of France - Meet in front of the Eric Kayser bakery
Adresse : 18 rue du Bac, Paris, France
Début : 07-02-2013 Fin : 07-02-2013
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About this tour: If you've ever wondered why there are more than 500 different cheeses in France, how different cheeses are produced (what accounts for their texture, color, and smell?), why French cheesemakers use raw unpasteurized milk in their cheese, what the impact of seasonality and aging are on cheese, and how locals typically enjoy cheese in restaurants and at home... this tour is for you. We'll cover all this plus plenty of other cheese geekery while tasting our way through a wide variety of cheeses from a renowned fromagerie, all accompanied by great bread and wine.

Price for a small group tour: 95€ per person, including all tastings. More on private tour options here.

A sampling of treats from the Tour de Fromage tour:

The selection of cheeses will vary depending on the season and your preferences, but here are a few cheeses that we've recently enjoyed:

How much cheese? We usually taste between 15-20 varieties during this tour, along with several different wines.

Examples clockwise from top left: Lochois (sheep), a spoonable Saint-Félicien (cow), Allobroge (like a Sainte-Nectaire but from a mix of cow and goat), Brossauthym (sheep).

Examples clockwise from bottom left: Besace de Savoie, Rove des Garrigues, fresh 3-day goat, Saint-Nicolas, Salers Vieux, Saint-Marcellin, Brie de Meaux, Comté at 12 and 18 months

Examples clockwise from bottom left: 36-month Ossau Iraty, 17-month Ossau Iraty, Fleur de Maquis, Fourme d'Ambert, Roquefort (Carles), Epoisses.

Practical Matters

Cancellations Policy A refund of 75% is available for those who cancel with at least 48 hours advance notice. For those who cancel with less than 48 hours notice, only the unspent tasting fee (20 euros per person) will be refunded. Our tours run rain or shine. Clients who arrive more than 20 minutes late without calling or who don’t show up at all (no-shows) will be treated as last-minute cancellations and only the unspent tasting fee will be refunded.

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