Depth of Ecclesiastes Seminar and Meditation - 440 Studios
Adresse : 440 Lafaye, Saint-Bris-le-Vineux, France
Début : 30-03-2013 Fin : 30-03-2013
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We will discuss the levels of meaning to this poem found in the beginning of this book of wisdom of the Bible, a book filled with proverbial wisdom, and guidelines for living, sacred living, and meditate on how we can apply it to our own lives in a way that is balanced, healthy, empathetic, loving.  There will be a healthy filling snacks, refreshments and the chance to mingle and make new friends after.  

This is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to shift your life, what you might need to let go of and how to constructively let go of it.  I hope you will join me in this process of creativity and faith, this amazing journey of heart, spirit and soul.

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Type d'événement : Religion
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