The Discovery Of Tantra MIXED GROUP - European Institute of Contemporary Sexuality
Adresse : 11 ter Rue Congress, Nice, France
Début : 02-04-2013 Fin : 06-04-2013
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The Discovery of Tantra is an experiential beginner’s workshop that introduces you to the ancient art and takes you on an exclusive journey into the mysterious, fascinating, and profound world of Tantra. Through meditation, breathing, and personal explorations, you will attain the view towards understanding your sexuality through its rituals.

Through experiencing and learning the pillars of Tantra Massage, you will awaken the primal energy of Kundalini, that has lain dormant deep inside you. This is the primal energy suppressed by every day life. Once awoken, you will learn the levels of its expression and how to sustain its balance.

We will teach you the massage of the Yoni and Lingam (both for male and female). You will also discover the Yin and Yang body components. The main goal of this massage is to arouse the sexual energy, known as Kundalini, the dormant force in human orgasm. The Kundalini awakening results in deep meditation, enlightenment, and bliss. Kundalini is a very strong, intense, and curative energy and when stimulated, she sets free a residual power of pure desire.

The workshop is concentrated on the theory, training, and practical components for both couples and individuals, although it is not necessary to attend with a partner. Please Note: this workshop may contain nudity, based on the comfort levels of the attendants, although is not required and does contain explicit sexual representations and is meant only for mature audiences.

We invite you to discover and rediscover with us, the altered state of consciousness that Tantra has to offer.

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