Shiva Circle 1, The Masculine Man & Sexual Warrior MEN ONLY - European Institute of Contemporary Sexuality
Adresse : 11 ter Rue Congress, Nice, France
Début : 06-04-2013 Fin : 10-04-2013
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Shiva The Masculine Man & Sexual Warrior

The Masculine Man & Sexual Warrior Workshop is a safe and intimate workshop that reaches deep within your sexual self as a man and teach you a new way to live sexually and professionally. The primary goal to understanding your true masculinity is to achieve a higher level of expectation and outcome in your sex, beyond frictional sex to a more advanced level to include building your libido resulting in a sustainable full body orgasm without ejaculation.

It is about awakening your sexual life force (Kundalini), which allows for a greater sexual creativity, desire, and believe it or not, stronger erections and energy beyond your release. This workshop is designed for the sexually openness of gay/bisexual man, however many straight men have benefited from sharing and opening their sexuality in this safe atmosphere, in their heterosexual lives.

Highlights of workshop: - Overcoming premature ejaculation and higher stamina potential - Learn the balance and how to incorporate your feminine and masculine - How to cultivate your sexual energy rather than just release it through friction only sex - How to achieve full-body orgasms - Learn advanced techniques to conduct and circulate energy in the body - How to deal with jealousy, overcoming expectations in monogamy

Through learning unique signature and the unique signatures of other men, you will learn typology and the aspects of manliness and contour your competency’s to your everyday life for a more fulfilling outcome.

The workshop is concentrated on the theory, training, and practical components for individual growth, although if you are in a gay partnership and wish to attend as a couple, you are more than welcome. We also encourage those in the transgendered community to attend, as understanding both dimensions of the male and female attributes in your journey to identity is vital for balance in your new life. Please Note: this workshop does contain nudity, based on the comfort levels of the attendants, although is not required and does contain explicit sexual representations and is meant only for mature audiences. A high level of acceptance of sexual orientation should be maintained at all times.

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